Short Cuts: Session 01


Short Cuts: Session 01

And now for something completely different.

Summer rolls around which means it’s finally time to get riled up over powerpoints again, pending inevitable laziness on your blogger’s behalf. When periods like this roll around I tend to opt for shorter titles first – some of which you’ll have heard of, some of which you’ll be hard pressed to see discussed at all. Throughout this series of posts I’ll briefly explore some of them. None of my usual tl;drs will be found here, they’ll be short cuts in every sense of the term. Much like how my trial impressions used to be. I may also discuss related media I’ve recently taken an interest in, but who knows?

For now, let us dust off ye olde bloge’s cobwebs and embark on an illustrious voyage armed with three titles I read recently: Otherwise’s Sense Off ~A Sacred Story in the Wind~ (2000), Leaf’s Shizuku (1996), and TopCat’s Hateshinaku Aoi, Kono Sora no Shita de… (2000).

Unless stated otherwise there will be no spoilers.

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