Liar-soft Merchandise Survey

Crawling out from the depths of oblivion to spread the word about Liar-soft’s current merchandise survey. If you’ve ever wanted to see cute [insert merch of your choice here] of any characters from Sakurai’s much beloved Steampunk series, now’s your chance! I’ve no idea how long the survey in question is running for but they’re already in the midst of developing items. So if you want to see something, time as they say is of the essence.

Their C87 goods include this delightful Sharnoth smartphone set priced at ¥2,000. It features a pair of keychains of the best OTP which when gattai’d double up as a stand, and a drawstring holder.


Guess what’s getting… ReBorn?

That’s right!

Liar-Soft’s first three installments in the WAB series Souten No Celenaria ~What a Beautiful World~, Sekien no Inganock -What a Beautiful People-, and my personal favourite out of the three, Shikkoku no Sharnoth -What a Beautiful Tomorrow- are finally getting what they deserve. They’re being released, fully voiced! This is a momentous occasion. If you’ve ever played any of the three titles listed, then you’ve surely been frustrated going through several chapters in a row without hearing voices (outside of scenes where CGs appear). Well, you won’t have that problem anymore! New CGs are also being added, and samples will appear on the LS site soon. I was pleased to be hear that they’ll be physically released too, as if you’ve ever tried to track any of the three down you’ll know how hard finding a copy is!