Hello there!

If you came to this blog looking for two thousand word love letters about how moe a character’s verbal tics are, or in-depth discussions on gravity defying ahoge then I’m afraid you’re visiting the wrong blog.  What you’ll find here are mostly reviews. While this may be a blog devoted to visual novels, I don’t gravitate towards any specific type of genre or demographic. As in this isn’t just an eroge blog, just an otome blog, or even just a BL blog. I try to keep a broad mind when it comes to the medium and will read anything once. If something has managed to spark my interest then I’ll dig right into it. Having said that, my preferred kind of reading involves the more bizarre; denpa and psychological horrors with moody, quietly affecting atmospheres. I also look fondly upon skillfully depicted dramas, meta titles which actively disrupt established conventions, and coming-of-age tales. To that end, you will see most of those themes adorning my sidebar through works I’ve chosen to highlight.

Posts may be infrequent but feel free to leave a comment.

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