New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down

It was revealed late last year that for the first time in the company’s history, a Liar-soft title would be making the transition from the small screen to the even smaller one with news of Shiei no Sona-Nyl‘s PSP port. Nary a word was said about it until just a couple weeks back, where it was also announced that it would be ported to the X-Box. These updated editions had the shiny and new Refrain (nothing to do with that Refrain, guys) subtitle slapped onto them, and had a release date slated for February 27th.

Refrain, obviously, won’t contain any lewd scenes, but there shouldn’t be any gaps story-wise for Hikaru Sakurai has written all new scenarios which shall take their place, along with some new CGs from AKIRA. Excitement! Released alongside the special edition of the ports will be a special glossary full of Steampunk terms, and a card for the Phantasmagoria trading card game (which they add more porn games for each new updated version).

Also being released is the B2 sized suede tapestry featured up above, with a new AKIRA illustration. It’s slated to be released this winter, and will set you back 3,000 yen at Comiket etc unless you choose to purrrchase it online.

While I never got around to giving Sona-Nyl the proper review it so rightfully deserves, I did at least whip up a post based on its trial. And who knows, with these new ports maybe the time where I’ll get that extra anime bingo point may soon be upon u- ahahaha, who am I kidding. Just be cool and pre-order whichever edition you like.


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