Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no QUALITY.

About three weeks back, it was announced that Totono’s Aoi was set to receive a scale figure. If you weren’t aware already, I’ve a soft spot for her and was especially pleased considering most of the hype pre-release fell on Miyuki. Even before the title’s release,  she had a (lewd) figure in production courtesy of Native. You’d assume that hype would have steadily continued, right? With Miyuki being the heroine everyone eventually came to choose, the one who easily charmed the player. Well, Shimokura Vio has been keeping tabs on which of the two heroines the player chose, regularly tweeting results based on a little twitter poll he’s running. If you chose Aoi, you retweet her. If you chose Miyuki, you do the same for her. It’s as simple as that and in the aftermath of Totono, Aoi has been steadily pushing ahead of Miyuki.

So maybe it doesn’t come as a surprise that Aoi would also get a scale after all. Unfortunately, her scale was set to be made by Griffon. Now, if you’re not familiar with figures, Griffon are quite an infamous group making figure collectors everywhere break out in a cold sweat. They’re forever having consistency issues and are prone to samefaces (check out their 2hu line and be amazed), with people often complaining about general QUALITY after receiving the product. People say ‘Griffon – not even once’ for a reason.

You’d expect hands like that from a prize figure, just sayin’. It doesn’t even look like she’s holding Eru, with the denpa cat just hovering there.

More QUALITY ladden images can be found right here, if you’re brave enough. On amiami she’s up for 7,050 yen and is set to be released in September, which does say an awful lot about how swift her production process must have been from the above images. Miyuki should follow in October, and no doubt she’ll be just as bad. As much as I’m fond of Aoi, whether I’ll buy this or not is another thing altogether. Let’s face it, she looks shit, retaining none of the character’s charm. I’ll hold back until I see photos of the final product from other buyers, and even then things are looking doubtful.


One thought on “Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no QUALITY.

  1. AkitaSaito says:

    Yea, I agree that the hands should be better; they look plastered together and straight like those cheap pvc models.

    I can also agree on the figure’s charm part. There’s that iritating feeling that doesn’t sit well with the whole figure; on personality and pose. Rather showing her cute or yandere look, it looks like it’s stuck in between by a showing a weird passive expression.

    I guess this is one of the bad Griffon ones.

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