So, I’ve been seeing a lot of people getting the wrong idea about how what must be one of the shittiest – if not the shittiest – series this season having racked up the most number of 2ch posts out of everything airing. I’ve seen people use the numbers as ammo against people who call the series out for being so terrible, and that’s just wrong. You know, Japan with their clear superior tastes while us lowly westerners wouldn’t know something good if it hit us. For reference, as of this entry it has over 9,000 posts while the next popular series, Rozen Maiden, has over 5,000. That’s quite the leap and while DanganRonpa is popular (not like it has had a prime minister come out and say they love it though), it having 9k posts at this point is off. Even more so when you learn that a decent number of those posts were made before the anime even aired.

A lot of them (not all, mind) can be chalked up to a recent shitstorm which I haven’t seen anyone talk about ’round these parts.

About a fortnight ago, a CM was released previewing what was set to be the anime ending’s song titled ‘絶望性:ヒーロー治療薬’/’Zetsubousei: Hero Chiryouyaku’. It came courtesy of a pair of Nico exports named Suzumu and Soraru, both who are known for producing music and doing Vocaloid covers. Amateurs certainly, but plucking from Nico can often bear fruit as seen with famous exports being Supercell and Nagi Yanagi. Seriously, if you don’t think ‘君の知らない物語’ isn’t one of the best EDs to ever have been created, then I’m afraid you’re going to have to turn in your anime license. DanganRonpa’s ending was introduced by the legendary seiyuu Oyama Nobuyo. While Oyama plays the series’ primary antagonist Monokuma, she’s better known as being the voice of the nation’s most beloved time traveling cat, Doraemon.

This short CM managed to cause an unexpected shitstorm with many feeling enraged on having been subjected to it. The song was like any other Vocaloid song you’d hear once and forget instantly paired with autotuned vocals from a singer whose smugness bled through the garish super deformed versions of him and the producer. All that paired with Monokuma saying ‘if you don’t buy this, you’re in for a punishment!’ gave rise to disgust. Many took to 2ch crying about how amateurish it was and not at all fit for DanganRonpa, let alone an anime. That if the original game’s OP was going to used, why couldn’t the ED (sung by Ogata Megumi, voice of the protagonist Naegi). That it was amazing that something of such a low quality made it past someone, and even worse – that they attributed it with Oyama Nobuyo’s voice.

The nico results of the first episode were decent enough, but not great. A lot of comments put it down to – you guessed it – the ED, even though that is the very least of this atrocity’s worries. Comments like ‘it’s the ED’s fault lol’ were everywhere. For the reasons stated above, I guess you can’t blame them. I personally think they’re overreacting, but if an anime of a series I like happened to be announced and was given the same overwhelmingly poor treatment, I’d kick up a fuss too. ED aside, I don’t know what the hell is going on with the production committee but they better shape up fast or else the anime will go down in history as one of those infamous terribad series alongside Musashi Gundoh and (insert choice favourite here). Less than six minutes into the first episode and there’s already an entire scene where a character doesn’t blink or move? Come on.


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