Code of Confusion

When I heard that Omerta was getting a fandisc, I didn’t exactly go wild at the idea. I’m sure I thought something along the lines of, ‘well, good for the fans then’ and swiftly moved on. It’s like I said before, I’d no further interest in Omerta save for a drama CD involving Azusa. Maybe the manga, but that was pushing it. While browsing through various blogs earlier, I saw that Omerta’s site had been updated… And so had the FD’s  (called CODE:TYCOON). Instead of having a promotional image for the cast in school uniform, it featured a line that no yandere would have trouble with heavily breathing out to the object of their affection (“殺したいほど、愛おしい”) before showing a rather bruised and beaten J.J, covered in bandages. A lighthearted FD CODE:TYCOON ain’t.

I should explain why I assumed there would be a school scenario.

Karin Chatnoir have been heavily supporting an alternate universe version of Omerta in recent months, with the backdrop being a school rather than the crime driven and shady city the cast actually live in. Instead of assassinations, characters would cheerfully laugh, skipping around campus. Long gone are the illegal immigrants who work in suspiciously provocative clubs, a student council has replaced them. It wasn’t just a one off page on their site either, April fools featured a full blown out section on it, with character sprites and uniforms. There was even a series of briefly used Gakuen Ometter accounts. It’s no wonder I expected there to be a school scenario, really. But CODE:TYCOON’s site has proved me wrong, and admittedly it has piqued my interest, if only by a bit. What more can be done? After stories will be present, I’m sure. I wouldn’t rule out the addition of another character either. But this is all hypothetical.

CODE:TYCOON’s site can be found here, and we’ll see what kind of scenario it has once it’s released in 2013.


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