Little Errors!

Would you look at that, a Little Busters! PV for the anime which was ‘leaked’ a week ago!

Too bad I’m not convinced.


It’d be one thing if the PV were fully finished, but it’s obviously not. There are stills of Komari and several other characters while others are moving slightly. You even have that pivotal shot of Kyosuke as a still. If it were a true PV, it would look a whole lot less amateurish. More polished, more believable. I mean, this is a highly sought after project that many a studio seem to be after. If a certain studio were to finally get their hands on it, I doubt they’d put something out which looked like it was done in a day or two. But a part of me thinks that if it were just an April Fools joke it’d be a lot more elaborate, sort of like key’s infamous Rewrite video last year featuring dinosaurs, a video which got the whole VN community into a tizzy whether they were a fan of key’s works or not.

Last week, a surprising announcement came to the forefront. LB! would, finally, be receiving an anime adaptation. Many fans rejoiced, excited at the prospect of seeing a beloved title animated. But there was something off about the way the news was delivered. It was through a Dengeki radio broadcast. Now there’s nothing wrong with an animated series being announced in that style. Nothing wrong at all. But you have to remember, that this is LB!. A high profile title which one would expect to have an entire event devoted to the announcement.

After the broadcast, it was taken down off the site further fueling the flames that an anime was in production. People (including myself) assumed that someone made a mistake and put the news up prematurely. But the broadcast is back up on the site, and now there’s a PV. A PV that is, like I said, very shoddily put together. Do also pay attention to what date it is – how could this not be a joke?

The radio broadcast could have been involved. Even it being taken off the site could have been planned. Although, a part of me thinks that hey, maybe there is an anime in production. Maybe some studio that key are confident in have finally secured the rights and are giving the project their all. So it’s a tightly guarded secret, but the news is accidentally leaked. Both parties panic, and key put together that PV to show on April Fools, to perhaps make people think that the announcement was a joke after all and that it’s nothing to get excited about while they silently plug away, announcing the project for real half a year, a year later.

It’s a possibility, but I’m not holding my breath.


3 thoughts on “Little Errors!

  1. BD says:

    This has been confirmed by… pretty much every anime news site both in Japanese and English. It’s legit.

    It was announced WAY before April 1st in Japan. The earliest report in English was on the 25th of March, meaning the Japanese announcement was a day before that.

    Hard to pull an April Fools joke nearly a week BEFORE April Fool’s.

    (Though LB! fans are better off then Oreimo fans. The creators announced a new season ON the 1st so everyone thought it was a joke.)

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