Ryukishi07’s latest installment ‘Rose Guns Days’ was announced several weeks back, but due to information about it being scarce and due to a general lack of interest on my part I didn’t feel like making a post on it. However, the site updated and I’ll admit it. I’m interested.

The ‘hard-boiled action’ of men and women on the stage of a fictitious post-war Japan smelling of gunpowder and alcohol.

Having taken over a year to reflect on Umineko’s ending, my feelings of frustration have long since left. Without going too much into it, I can at the very least say that I appreciated what Ryu was trying to do and understood the tenderness in its ending, even if many others didn’t. I’m not saying that I’m jumping aboard the shaky defense force wagon, but I don’t feel like slating the series like I once did. I’ll still hold fond memories for the series, and my blog’s name and tagline will remain a testament to that. The man obviously wants to move on, so why don’t we just let him? The slate has been wiped clean, and his new work ‘Rose Guns Days’ looks to be a far cry from his supernatural themed stories. It’s set in post-war Japan, with a complicated history between them, America, and China. In the midst of the country’s rebuilding, a man and a woman meet.

Instead of having just Ryu’s lovably amateurish art, he seems to have taken several artists on board to work on character designs for the project. I feel that this is a sure sign that he’s pushing his work in a new direction, maybe to gain a more accessible audience. Or maybe he felt like the story he has planned deserved a different art style. Whatever the reason is, I’m sure there are people out there who’ll miss the ham hands and expressive yet crude facial expressions. But… do note that Ryu won’t be completely leaving the art in the hands of others. Going from previous teaser images of the characters he has released, it wouldn’t surprise me if the artists were just doing what the site says – the character design, while he adapts it to his own style. He has also said that since RGD will be taking place in a city that there’s going to be a lot of characters. Of course.

Ningawa Yaeko seems to favour drawing manga from an era long since past, having worked on Mononoke’s manga, a title revolving around the Shinsengumi’s final days, and Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi, about slaying ghosts in Edo.  Suzuki Jiro looks like she’s going to be another main artist, which I have no problem with. Unlike what seemed to be the majority opinion when Turn’s adaptation manga came out, I absolutely loved her art. Her faces may have been a bit too overdramatic at times, bodies too spindly and stylized but I’m partial to such a style. At any rate, I prefer her art to the fan favourite Natsumi Kei, who worked on Legend’s manga and who I believe is currently working on Banquet’s. Souichirou has appeared to have worked on just the one title – Alliance’s manga. Can’t say I liked his style there. KINEMA MOON graphics have done a decent amount of design work, most of which I was surprised to have recognized and been familar with – most notably the swirling logo design for the Kuroshitsuji series. Other things worth noting are Another’s novel cover, and the drama CD for Nakamura Asumiko’s Sotsugyousei. They’ve designed the logo.

If Ryu is moving away from the When They Cry series in the art and story department, then what about everything else, like the music? Will it just be the one installment, or an ongoing series? From his blog entries, he seems to be actually enjoying working on this, and is writing more quickly than anything he’s ever written before due to the tension.

We’ll see just how tense it is when it’s released.


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