Okujou no Yurirei-san’s Trial: Yuri Yurararara Yuru Yuri


I actually haven’t finished Okujou no Yurirei-san‘s trial yet, but I wanted to write a quick blog post on what I’ve thought of it so far before I go to sleep. Yurirei is Liar-Soft’s latest offering, and while it is not their first yuri title, it is their first yuri title with a more relaxed, ふわふわ sort of theme. It’s sugary sweet, guaranteed to put you in a lazily peaceful mood. It revolves around two rather… spirited girls who’ve roped in an willing someone to help them with their building of a glorious and everlasting yuritopia (their words, not mine – honestly).

Just kidding. Somewhat.

Yurirei opens with a scene on the rooftop, introducing us to a girl named Yuna (voiced by the always wonderful Kawashima Rino) doing normal things like eating her lunch and having equally normal thoughts about the weather. As she’s about to eat a sweet, she’s told to stop by a pair of voices which have seemingly come from nowhere. The voices are wrought with emotion, telling her that what she’s about to eat is poisonous and that it could kill her. Soon after the pair laugh and say that they were only joking. Of course.

Yuna is, understandably, a bit bewildered at this point, especially considering that the girls have a particularly old fashioned look about them. The pair ask odd questions about the sweet, before trailing off and coming to a realization. With fervour, they say that Yuna is exactly what they’re looking for. She can… see them? Talk to them? Actually perceive their existence? As the pair fade out Yuna has reached her limit. She freaks out and runs back to her classroom.

Her friend Fuji is worried about her, but Yuna tries to convince her (and herself) that it was all a bad dream. During class, eerie messages from the pair appear on the blackboard, ensuring that no matter how much Yuna wanted it, it wasn’t a dream. It turns out that nobody bar Yuna can see the markings. They meet up after school and Yuna speaks with them, where she learns more about the pair and gets dragged into their plan of helping couples in the school get together, or else…

From the short amount I’ve read, it was enjoyable. I got exactly what I expected from it, and if you’ve any interest in what you’ve been hearing about it the past couple of weeks, nodding approvingly as you’ve checked its site for updates then you will too. There’s nothing melodramatic or horrifying here. Just a trio of sweet girls giving couples a subtle hand in order to ensure they don’t have a bittersweet fate. I probably won’t add a follow up post regarding the trial unless there’s more I feel like saying about it, but I do want to read the full thing, which is out on the 30th of March.

Edit; quite a lot of people seem to be having trouble downloading the trial, so here it is.


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