Even More Shingakkou News

Why can’t I keep this all in the one post, eh? Well, it’s because I only found out this especially wonderful piece of news a short while ago – and that is that Shingakkou is set to get a manga adaptation, which will be running in Daria for about a year. It’s a bi-monthly magazine and serialization will be starting next month so we’re most likely looking at about twenty four chapters. Bizarrely enough, when I made that Shingakkou post the other day I was thinking to myself, ‘ahh~ wouldn’t it be nice if this got a manga, too?’. Since Omerta also got a manga, along with LD1 (the latter is understandable given its popularity, not too sure about the former) Shingakkou was sort of like the odd one out in big BL releases this year – yes, I’m still counting LD1 given the fandisc release and its sequel… Whenever that will be out. I’m surprised that Shingakkou is getting one, but pleasantly surprised all the time.

Note the date in the tweet. Note what date it is now. Slowpoke.jpg.

The VN’s original artist is going to be working on it. I’m not going to keep up with the individual issues (too much hassle), so I’ll buy the volumes as they’re released. Given that it’s going to be running for a year, surely there will be two volumes at the very most, which I could see the story fitting into. There’s so much repetition going on in some of the routes (Cecil, Neil and Leonid, then August and Gabi) that by cutting out all that out, I could honestly see it work.  I think a bad way of going about it would be to do individual character routes, like a series of one-shots. The best route for Shingakkou would for it to be a proper story, still having everyone’s parts but with none of the romance as such. But given that it’s a yaoi magazine it’s going to be serialized in, I think the former option is more likely. Oh, well.


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