Latest Shingakkou News

In the short amount of time I’ve had this blog, it wouldn’t surprise me if Shingakkou became my most blogged about title.

A soundtrack was released recently, and it was definitely worth waiting for! In my Shingakkou review I praised the music, but now I get to repeat some of my favourite tracks, such as the lovely ‘柔らかい夜’ which was probably one of my most anticipated tracks. My only complaint about is that I wish it was longer than a minute and a half! I’m loving ‘悪魔の標的’, but I can’t seem to place it. ‘未使用BGM2’ sounds dramatic, I’ve no idea why it wasn’t used. Other tracks I particularly like are ‘光の雫’, ‘Two of Us’, ‘恐怖’,  ‘祈りの学舎’, ‘暗闇に飲み込まれる’, ‘Quiet view II’, ‘聖歌’, and ‘灼熱の狂瀾’.

It’s not completely perfect, though. There are a few cringe worthy tracks which I cannot listen to, like the schmaltzy ‘その手に触れたい’. ‘崩壊 ‘ was overused to such a degree that the second I heard its opening ‘duna duna duna‘, I skipped past it as quickly as I could. The phrase less is more applies to it. ‘何かが聞こえる’ was a tad overused as well, but not completely unbearable. ‘We are one’ is a terrible ending song with equally terrible vocals which really does not suit the VN at all. I even prefer the bad ending BGM, ‘朽ち果てゆく者’ to it. NOPE.jpg.

Listening to the soundtrack, I really want to read Shingakkou again (even with a massive backlog, www), but I’ll just wait patiently for the fandisc instead. Which brings me to the next piece of news…

A fandisc is going to be released at the end of January, which came as a total surprise to me. I honestly didn’t think that it would get one, but I suppose it must have been more popular than I initially thought! It must have appealed to the people whose favourite BL titles are more along the lines of what Hagio Moto and Takemiya Keiko put out rather than badly drawn and woefully generic rubbish such as what Nakamura Shungiku is known for. Give me a Kaze to Ki no Uta or a Thomas no Shinzou over a Junjou Romantica any day! Shingakkou -the Gift is supposed to be a ‘sweet love disc’, so it’s natural to assume that there won’t be any TWEEEESTS or frightening scenes, unless they’re used for self-parody purposes.

I can’t say that I’m a fan of the colours used in the promo image. They look more… slick and polished than usual? They lack that old fashioned coloured in look.

The after stories for Leonid, Neil, and Cecil will probably be straightforward enough. Kusaka Matsuri is returning to write what happens after the happy endings. So expanding on what we’ve seen in the epilogues, basically! August is also getting one, but… Oh man, I don’t even know how that will work out. Something to make up for that frustrating tear inducing ending of his, I should hope! Lazarus will also be in that scenario, so I wouldn’t completely rule out a flashback to their school days. Jack is also set to get a story of his own. Bet it will have him happily lounging around the farm, simpering over cows. Given that Jack is getting his own story, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll see what’s also after happening to Ben, Joshua, and Robert. The latter two, especially. Gabby wasn’t mentioned, but he is on the cover so he’d have to have something at least. I’m guessing that they didn’t mention anything about his story due to lol spoilers in case someone was reading the article without having read Shingakkou beforehand.

There’ll be a variety of mini-games (cue frown from yours truly). In one you’ll have to team up with a partner to answer questions that the principal throws at you, and if you get them wrong you’re in for a punishment. There’s a wallpaper customization feature, where you can dress up Michael (and possibly whoever is with him), and to my dismay there’ll be a typing game. Noooooo!

I’m hoping the fandisc will include AVG versions of both the drama cd which was released with the VN (involved Michael having an amusing dream in which everyone was after turning into a girl, attending an all girl’s school like Marimite‘s), and the banchou disc (which was initially treated as a joke on the P/S site, but was actually released in limited numbers as an April fool’s joke earlier on this year).

It doesn’t have its own section on the site yet, but you can bet I’ll be checking it every so often to see if CGs or even a trial is put up. You can keep up to date with what’s going on over at the PIL/SLASH staff room.


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