Penguindrum x Innocent World

Mawaru Penguindrum is by far my favourite series this year – if you haven’t seen it yet, you should go watch it asap. And read the accompanying novels, too as they add a whole other tone to the series when silly and cute penguins aren’t acting as comic relief. It was announced about a month or so ago that the series would do a collaboration with the popular lolita brand, Innocent World. It’s not the first time a famous lolita brand has collaborated with an anime series. Only last year, several well known brands collaborated with noitaminA’s Shiki, although in my opinion they weren’t really wearable. Prime examples of outfits that look nice on the characters but on someone else would look awful. To give an example, Sunako wore a black and white dress with symbols that you’d find on cards adorning it, along with a bonnet. It looked wonderful on her, of course, but the actual dress looked a bit… off. So I’m glad that Penguindrum’s collaboration is everything I could have wanted and more!

What I like about Innocent World’s line is that it’s never trashy, or overly ‘ita’. All the designs are elegant and simple, using neutral and muted colours. It’s worth noting that the model in the image above is none other than the seiyuu of the character whose clothes she is wearing – Arakawa Miho! Both the white socks and boots are products that IW had designed already – except that the boots were given a new colour to match Himari’s shoes. The socks are going for ¥1,890, and the boots for ¥16,59.  The blouse is ¥14,910, and the skirt is ¥15,540. Pre-orders open on the sixteenth of December. The blouse and skirt look tempting, but it’s the boots which are the real draw for me. They’re perfect!

Further details about the collaboration can be found here.


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