Euphoria’s Trial: Closing In

An unfortunate group of people from the same school wake up in a sterilized and inorganic white room with electronic collars on their necks and no recollection of how they got there. They’re then forced to participate in an all too twisted game – or risk a game over.

euphoria piqued my interest a while back with its gritty look, sombre palette and plot featuring a trapped group of people. I gave the trial a look, and it was every bit as brutal as promised.

The goal of the game is quite simple – unlocking five doors which will open the way to freedom. However, things start getting tricky when it comes to reaching that goal. Since there are five locked doors and six people (seven before Miyako’s oh so classy ゲームオーバー), a total of five keys are needed. Instead of finding the keys – the girls themselves are the locks, with the protagonist being the key who er, ‘unlocks‘ them. Anyone who refuses to take part forfeits the game, and once again going with the good ole way to establish the severity of the situation in a setting like this, someone is killed and made an example of to show that yes, the people in charge of them are nothing but serious.

The premise isn’t the most unique, yet I keep getting drawn to ones like it. It’s mostly to do with the mystery of how and why they were put there, and that’s what’s keeping my interest. It wouldn’t surprise me if their group had a double agent. Would be quite the TWEEEEST if it turned out that the mousy one is the big bad or something. I’m loving Nemu, as expected, but unlike what I first assumed I don’t think that she’s the one pulling the strings. Maybe she does know something (is in on it with someone?), but she’ll eventually turn out to be a victim and shown in a sympathetic light.

The conditions for unlocking change depending on the character’s mental state (since they’re being monitored closely), and this is apparent from the first turn. Nemu advises that you pick your dear childhood friend Kanae first, and she’s more accepting than what you’d initially think. Her scene is relatively lighthearted compared to the other four character’s, which were brutal and harsh. But considering euphoria is advertising itself as being an ‘immoral, hardcore ADV’, I knew what I was getting myself into. And they weren’t kidding. The h-scenes are rough and intense, and CLOCKUP certainly don’t gloss over anything. The description of the aftermath of Miyako’s death was especially nasty. Most certainly not for the fainthearted!

I like Nemu, and I like this banner. Resizing it would be a pity since the detail would be lost, so I’m putting it here instead of with the other banners. Just because I can. ♥


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