This was actually announced over three months ago, but with me being the slowpoke that I am, have only found out about this now. The slick mafia BL game, Luckydog1, is set to get a manga adaptation in Comic Gene.

Seeing how this news was huge (to me, at any rate!) I’m surprised at how it managed to not catch my attention. It must have slipped through the cracks, and I wouldn’t have found out about it unless I went to check on LD1’s site to see was there any news of its sequel yet. LD1 is gaining momentum all the time with a ton of art on Pixiv along with new merchandise coming out every nearly every month or so, so it was only natural that a manga would come out at some point. Around the game’s second anniversary seems like a fine time for it.

As I mentioned, it’s going to be running in a new magazine called Comic Gene, whose aim is to subvert the preconceptions that people have of both shoujo and shounen manga. So, basically, it’ll be a little something like G-Fantasy? With slashy bordering on shoujo shounen? It boggles the mind how some of their titles are still technically classified as shounen. It’ll be a tame enough affair, I imagine, so there’ll be nothing like raping prison officers or bad ends involving necrophilia here. But that’s fine, I think. There’s a strong enough story there, so it’s fine if the obvious yaoi tint gets taken down a couple of notches. I’ve seen a lot of hate for uzu-8’s art, but I quite like it. It just wouldn’t be LD1’s style to have something OTT with shoujo sparkles and big eyes. Uzu’s art looks slick, polished, and fits the characters and the world of LD1 well.

The manga should be debuting in the magazine’s second issue, in June. Releases are monthly, too.


2 thoughts on “

  1. nanashi says:

    News to me! I’ll definitely check it out when it comes out in tankoubon. The art does suit the style of the game.
    From what I know there’s an add on (bad egg) and a fandisc? (happy lucky life or something like that).

  2. goldensneer says:

    >The art does suit the style of the game.

    Doesn’t it just, though? I’m really liking the look of it.

    >From what I know there’s an add on (bad egg) and a fandisc? (happy lucky life or something like that).

    Bad Egg is the sequel that’s supposed to come out sometime this year (lol development hell). Gian leaves the CR-5 and causes havoc with Bakshi and some others. Cue the CR-5 raging with their attempts to drag him back, hopefully. Happy Lucky Life will be out soon enough (during the Summer) and is the fandisc. Full of both fluffy and dangerous events I’m guessing!

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