Memories of You

A drama CD entitled ‘Memories of You’ came with the first DVD/BD of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and expands upon on the first time line in the series as shown to us in episode ten. It’s not just padding, as it answers a lot of questions the series left unanswered, such as Madoka’s original wish for wanting to become a puella magi, who was that cat Madoka was holding in the opening, and more. For the more curious, I have summarized what happens in the drama CD.

Homura is walking when she hears a cat’s meow. It turns out to be a black cat. She confesses her fears about changing schools to it, and gives it a cookie. Homura mournfully wonders if it’s alone, and when the cat meows in confirmation, she thinks they’re the same. After, the teacher introduces Homura to the class, and Sayaka takes note of the fact that she’s wearing glasses. When it’s time for her introduction, she nervously fumbles about. The teacher mentions the fact that she’s been ill for quite a while and thus hasn’t been in school, so asks everyone to help her out as best as they can.

At break her classmates bombard her with questions and compliments, and Madoka sees that she’s visibly not at ease and helps her out by offering to show her directions to the nurse’s office. When the pair are alone away from the hustle and bustle of the classroom, Madoka apologizes for her classmate’s behavior, saying that it’s rare to have someone transfer in. When Homura awkwardly thanks her, Madoka cheerfully says that it’s perfectly fine, since they’re classmates and all. Madoka tells Homura to call her exactly that, and in turn she’ll call Homura by her given name too. Homura fumbles a bit, but Madoka tells her how wonderful of a name she has, and how it’d be fine if she acted in a way to match the name. Homura sees the kitten once more, and wonders if it was waiting especially for her. Madoka delightfully calls out to the kitten (and calls her Amy), and Madoka asks if Homura knows her too, and enthusiastically tells her how much she likes cats.

Back in class, Homura gets called up to the board to answer the question, and inwardly frets that she can’t understand it at all. The teacher immediately understands, and tells her that she can just borrow the notes from a friend. It’s then when the backlash towards her starts, with people bitchily snipping about her. While Homura is zoning out, Madoka calls her and tries to cheer her up. Sayaka interrupts and says that Madoka must be bothering Homura, and then entrusts Homura with the notes the teacher told her to get earlier. Homura is thankful. It turns out that they’re actually Hitomi’s notes. Madoka wonders if it’s alright, and then Sayaka says it’s fine because they’re helping a classmate and there’s no way that she could get mad over that. Hitomi then comes along and says that it is fine, and Madoka then asks can she see the notes as well.

The scenes changes and everyone is out during P.E, but Hitomi wonders if Homura is doing alright – she comments that her face doesn’t look too good, and wonders if it’s anemia. Homura recalls all the nasty things said to her earlier on and gets worse, although she tells her teacher that she’s alright. She then collapses, and Madoka helps her. In the background Sayaka jovially runs about, while Homura says that she is the worst. She proceeds to lament on how useless she is, and how she won’t be able to do anything today, tomorrow, or ever. Madoka remains forever a source of hope and light to Homura, and tells her that that’s not at all true, that she believes in her, and that Homura should do her best. Homura replies back saying that she isn’t as strong as Madoka, and Madoka gives her more courage (along with a bit of her magic~~~) while clasping her hand.

They return to P.E as Madoka is feeling much more better. Madoka clears the high jump, while Homura and the rest of their classmates are impressed. Madoka acts modest. Homura thinks that she might be able to give it a shot now, and attempts to jump it too. And, she succeeds much to everyone’s surprise. The people who were snidely talking about Homura earlier on (or at least, I presume they’re the same characters) adore her, and bombard her with questions once again. Homura seems hesitant until Madoka tells her to fight. Homura feeling more confident tries to jump a second time, but the magic Madoka gave her earlier on goes haywire and begins running way too fast. Homura panics and calls for help. Madoka calls to Mami for help inwardly, and she comes to Homura rescues. As Homura’s runs draw to a halt, she collapses again.

When we return, Homura hears a voice telling her ‘I’ve found you… I’ve found you…’. The source of the voice is the witch, Izabel. Homura’s unpleasant memories begin to go into overdrive, with the voices accusing her of even faking her illness. It all gets a bit too much her and she awakens to a conversation which Mami and Madoka are having. Mami is lecturing Madoka on using magic properly. Madoka tells her that she just wanted to help a friend, and while Mami understands and is sympathetic, she reminds Madoka about what magic really should be used for. Homura inwardly wonders about magic, and then gets up. She asks where she is, and then feels disappointed knowing that she collapsed again. Izabel’s voice invades her again, and she thanks Madoka for everything she did today before running off.

Madoka frets until they feel the presence of a soul gem. QB appears and Mami says that they should look for it straight away. The scene switches to Homura listlessly walking around the town. She sourly remembers Madoka’s kind words about her name, thinks that it’s futile for her to act in a way to match her oh so cool name, and that she can’t do a thing. She things that she’ll only keep causing trouble for everyone, and that’s when Izabel preys on her mind once again telling her that it’d be better if she died. When she agrees before she realizes it she’s in the lair of the witches. About to get attacked, both Mami and Madoka save her. Homura is evidently shocked, and QB tells her that they are puella magi. Madoka jokingly says that now that Homura knows what they are, she can’t tell anyone in their class.

They return to Mami’s apartment. Homura says that she’s alright, and asks how long have they been puella magi. Madoka says that although Mami is a veteran, she’s still a newbie since she didn’t make the contract with QB until that long ago. Mami says that she’s after getting much better, and Madoka says that it’s a wonderful thing to be able to help people. Before Walpurgisnacht, Mami says that she’ll become much better. Curious as to what Walpurgisnacht is, Mami tells her that it’s a worldwide festival of witches. Madoka apologizes to Homura about the incident involving her and magic during P.E. Telling her that it’s fine, Homura is grateful and she wonders would she be able to bring happiness to everyone if she too became a puella magi. Madoka is eager at the thought of it, and QB tells her that she should think of a wish, and then it’s totally easy. Mami gets stern and says that it’s not that simple at all and tells Homura that there are hardships involved. Thanking Mami, both Homura and Madoka take leave.

While walking home, Madoka asks Homura what she thought of the story. When Homura wonders what kind of story, Madoka says ‘the story of becoming puella magi’. Madoka proceeds to her her own personal story of what being a puella magi is like, and advises her that she should become one for herself and no one else. A promise is made between them, and Madoka seems relieved. Breaking the somewhat serious nature of their conversation, they hear a ‘meow~’. Madoka delightfully calls out Amy’s name, and Homura bids her a good evening. Homura comments on how close they are, when Madoka says that actually, Amy was run over by a car. Homura is shocked and wonders something, to which Madoka confirms before her words are even said aloud. The reason that Madoka became a puella magi was to save Amy. Being an independent cat, she couldn’t bring her home. Madoka became a puella magi on the exact kind of whim that Mami detests and wonders if she’ll get cross at her, and Homura tells her that she’s a loving person full of kind feelings. Madoka thanks her for her kind words and asks of her a favour. She asks, if, if something happens to her, would Homura take care of Amy in her place. Not that something will happen to her, but she’s worried all the same, what with her being a puella magi and all. Madoka apologizes for rambling, but Homura tells her that it was a lovely story, and she’s elated. Amy goes up to Homura, and Madoka is quite surprised, saying it’s rare for her to do that. Proceeding to lick her cheek and meowing contently in Homura’s arms, Madoka says that Amy is lucky to make a new a friend. Shorty after, they say their goodbyes for the day.

A storm approaches, and Homura idly wonders if Amy will be alright. Madoka didn’t even attend school that day, so Homura is worried. Homura wonders if tonight is night she thinks it is, and googles up Walpurgisnacht. The ominous music begins to play, as Homura reads up about the banquet of witches with its European origins. Knowing that puella magi fight against witches, it all suddenly hits her and she gasps, and goes out into the storm in search of her friend. She looks all over for her, and then comes across Amy. She asks her to take her to Madoka, and Amy obliges.

The story of the drama CD ends there, and a brief monologue of Homura begins with her saying that on that night, she became a puella magi for Madoka’s sake and how at that time she didn’t know anything.

Images of the packaging were taken from here. The blog also has a side by side image comparisons of what was changed in the DVDs/BDs, so it’s well worth a look for the Madoka fan.


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