A Certain Sickness

An offline meet for the BBS No Longer Human turns sour when members keep dropping out at the last minute resulting in only four – make that three – of its members participating on a blisteringly hot Saturday in June.

I went into CURE GIRL (which I’ll nickname ‘CG‘) expecting something twisted, mainly due to the characters attending an offline meeting for a community cheerfully titled 人间失格 – or, No Longer Human as the official translation usually goes. Was it wrong of me to think that the characters in CG would be as hopeless as Dazai’s Yozu, filled with nothing but scorn for the world? Perhaps even meeting up for one, er, certain reason? Instead I got something that would be right at home with a bargain bin anime adaptation where each disc would only sell about a thousand copies before forever fading into obscurity. CG seems to be appealing to the sad girls in the snow brigade, although considering the game takes place in June, there’s no snow to be found. Going along with its name, the goal of the game would be to heal the depressed girls. How magical.

There’s nothing wrong with CG, but it just came across as underwhelming and left me with an overall ‘meh’ feeling. As in, I could have stopped playing at any time and probably wouldn’t have given a toss. CG is written in a way which is supposed to get the reader wondering why such seemingly normal (dare I say perfect?) girls are a part of such a BBS, and why they themselves feel No Longer Human. There are glimpses of the characters’ melancholy sides, like the respected and well loved senpai Kunimura staring off into the distance before snapping out of it and passing her momentary lapse of depression off as nothing. I’d even say that the most interesting (and I use that term loosely) character from the trial is the sombre yet childish ojou-sama Nanjo who coops herself up in the infirmary – oh boy, here we go with the sickly girl sob story.

The trial had a few annoying technical problems. The main one being that you weren’t able to save your progress. Yeah, yeah, I get it – ‘you’re only reading a short trial, why would you even want to save?’. Well, the ability to save and load would have been very handy once, you know, the game stopped crashing every few minutes. During my short play through of CG (starts from noon on the 18th of June, and cuts off on the 20th before the game starts again from the eighteenth with our three heroines giving us a tour of the island and briefly introducing themselves), the game crashed no less than three times.

CG is being produced by Noesis, a spin-off division of the highly esteemed Innocent Gray. This is their fourth title, and seems to be their most serious yet with their other three titles being awkward looking sex romps involving bloomers, and sex lessons. The trial is a collaboration with TWINKLE, and you get a two for one deal with the download as not only do you get this, but you also get the slightly Engrishy sounding DEVE in you (should that be ‘dive’?) which appears to be about idols. Needless to say, I did not give that particular title a go. Almost everything about CG‘s trial seemed to get on my nerves. The music was annoyingly distracting (especially the song that played in the Chinese restaurant), even when turned down with odd sounding vocals. The character designs aren’t anything special. However I will concede and say that the backgrounds are soft, and visually appealing fully bringing out the feel of Summer. I especially liked the backgrounds featuring the train station next to the sea, along with the sea itself.

Needless to say, I will not be checking the full game out when it’s released on the 22nd of April. Amusingly enough, my recently blogged about TsubaHime and the possibly DRRR! inspired Omerta are being released on the same day. I’m probably being a bit too rash in judging this off a short trial, but I feel like I won’t like what’s to come.


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