A Jumbled Mixture

The opening for Hotch Potch came out a day ago. The opening looks sugary sweet, and surely set the heart of every Liar-soft/raiL-soft fan ablaze. But I won’t be giving it a look. At least, not for a long while. To fully enjoy a crossover, it’s best if you’ve a decent knowledge of and care for the characters and worlds which are involved. Which I don’t. To give a terrible example, it would be like reading the convoluted trainwreck that is CLAMP’s Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE without having read any other CLAMP title previously. Or, not reading xxxHOLiC alongside it (for those who are unaware, they were two series which ran at the same time, and were both heavily connected – so much that it got to a point that if you weren’t following both series together, you would have been hopelessly lost).

I have to say, that I’m almost disappointed that Hotch Potch is a crossover. Sure, it looks lighthearted and oh so, well, fandiscy. But when I heard that there was going to be a fandisc produced, I became gleeful at the prospect of the worlds of certain L-S titles being expanded with standalone stories. Or even something like the web novels of certain WAB titles being transfered to a VN format (à la Umineko’s TIPS in Tsubasa).

I’m thinking of giving the trials of CURE GIRL and Artemis Blue a look next. I haven’t heard much about the former, but the latter has been received well. After them I’ll take a crack at my backlog before beginning to read anything new.


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