Into a Dream

After my woefully disastrous stint with otome games a few months back, I couldn’t see myself going back to them ever again. First experiences are key in shaping your enjoyment of something – a bad first time can leave a sour taste in your mouth, and possibly turn you off that same something for a long time. It’s like having your eye on an expensive item of clothing for months, then finally buying it only to have it be flimsy and awkward looking on you. Or finally buying your first high quality figure, which breaks once you take it out of the box. Or going to the circus as a long child and having a clown hit you or something.

Not wanting to disregard the entire genre over that almost painful first attempt, I decided to give it one more chance.  After a quick yet careful selection, the candidate I ultimately chose for my final (?) venture is Tsubasa no Oka no Hime: A red and blue moon -finite loop-. It looks elegant, tasteful, and not at all like Starry Sky. One of my main reasons for choosing it was due to the look of the heroine, Vivian. She doesn’t look as weak willed and frustrating as Tsukiko was, having an air about her which makes me think that she’ll be the one in command. And not only that, but she also has a face and is fully voice. Another reason for my selection was admittedly its release date. While the full game won’t be out until April, there is a trial up at TsubaHime’s (which is probably how I’ll refer to it from now on) site, allowing swift judgment on whether the game is worth the time.

And, I have a feeling that I might just like it. On the off chance that I don’t, I’ll still post my thoughts on the trial and whether I’ll continue it or not.


3 thoughts on “Into a Dream

  1. derp says:

    Unfortunately the trial for that game was little more than a teaser, with no real substance involved. I hope they’ll release another, proper trial . The art was gorgeous though.

    • goldensneer says:

      Oh, dear. That’s a right shame. But I suppose hearing that doesn’t really surprise me, considering the release date got pushed back (from sometime in December to April, I believe).

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