Time and Tide Wait for None

I reviewed an Umineko school life spin off a while back, and one of the things I praised about it were its music. Earlier on today, I was listening to -45’s Amurita album, and it hit me that one track (‘A (BeatMania IIDX / A’) might have shown up on it. Curious to see if it really was the track I had in mind, I started Cradle up again, and I was proven right. It was the -45 track, although it was given a different name, which was ‘start’. So, I went ahead and ripped the soundtrack (twenty three pieces of music were used in total) in order to listen to it, and then went and uploaded it onto Mediafire. Even if you haven’t read Cradle, it’s worth it if you’re enough of an Umineko buff to want to keep adding to your soundtrack collection. There really are some lovely tracks there, along with your typical special Umineko flavoured brand of UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ.

In my review I said that the download of Cradle was taken down (meant to be an April Fools joke) off its site, but since the time of my review they’ve put the option to download it up there again.


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