Nekonade Distortion’s Trial: A Distorted World

What would you do… if you woke up one day, only to find that everything in your life had been completely turned on its head? For Nanakase Tatsuki, that is what happened, during a meteor shower in December.

Nekonade Distortion is WHITESOFT”s second release, with their first being the sickeningly sweet looking Little Rabbits – Wagamama Twin Tail –. Are you already wincing? I came across this title after popping over to erogenews, where they mentioned the newly released opening being ‘appropriately denpa’. That word alone had me hook, line, and sinker. Eager to find out more, a poke around told me that the plot involved a guy who woke up one day to discover that his mother had turned into a younger version of herself, and that his cat had turned into a maid. Wait, what? That sounds like something that’d be made into a cheap and badly animated hentai OVA. After persuading myself that it would have a bit more substance to it (the look of WHITESOFT’s only other title wasn’t exactly helping my opinion), I set about downloading the trial. And although the shtick about transformations was true, it was handled in an intriguing way. What can I say? Vague pretentious waffle makes me swoon.

Nanakase Tatsuki has been living a dull and lonely life ever since his sister had died three years before the story’s start. His life is without any purpose, having even stopped going to school. Days are spent walking around town, and playing with his cat. Although… he can’t even remember what his parent’s faces look like. Or anyone’s faces, for that matter, with his neighbour Yuzu’s, and cat Gizmo being the only exceptions instead viewing everyone as a shadow devoid of any noticeable features – almost as if Tatsuki has given up on people along with the world in which he lives in. On one fateful evening in December, a meteor shower hits the town. On that very same night, Tatsuki once again comes into contact with someone he never expected to – his ‘dead’ sister, Kotoko.

Kotoko is as odd as ever, speaking in ways that Tatsuki can’t quite grasp about different perspectives of worlds. But her unexpected arrival wasn’t the only surprise – Tatsuki ‘s mother has turned into a younger, more cheerful version of herself. His father has become almost like a delinquent, causing trouble and getting arrested. His sister has become a friendly and approachable person. And, his cat has turned into a human who can even learn how to speak – once Tatsuki helps. With such drastic changes, one can’t help but wonder how they occurred, and for what reason.

Kotoko’s return was not only brought upon by the meteor shower – Yuzu said that there was also an earthquake (which Takatsuki didn’t notice at all). Due to Tatsuki’s dire mental state and Kotoko’s otherworldly speeches, I can’t help but think that the changes didn’t actually happen, but that Tatsuki is just seeing things as he wishes to see them. Fed up with his family’s state and loneliness over the loss of his younger sister, he chose to reject their reality and bring forth one which he accepts. Or two worlds which shouldn’t have crossed. Before the trial’s end, Kotoko is already namedropping Wittgenstein so I might just be on the right track. Either way, learning why things became so warped will probably be one of the big draws here.

The full version will be released on the 25th of February, but for now the trial can be downloaded here. For something I thought would be a flimsy incest fueled romp, it gave me some things to ponder over. And that’s never a bad thing. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this.


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