OreImo Plus

“Don’t confuse the worlds of 2-D and reality!”

OreImo Plus

In OreImo Plus, you are the lover of the pushy girl who’s seemingly perfect in every way, Kirino. You both take trips, have dates, and play eroge together amongst other things. Such a happy and content life you both lead. Who could believe that your little sister could be this cute?!

With the official PSP game of OreImo coming out on the 27th, I thought I’d give another OreImo game a spin to celebrate. The game I decided to read through is called OreImo Plus, and was released at the 79th Comiket, only about three weeks ago.

I went in expecting a somewhat dramatic continuation of the series, with more explicit scenes. Or even an alternate look at the series with those said scenes, which is what OreImo Plus somewhat is. If you eliminate all the characters besides Kirino and Kyosuke, take away the drama, and go that extra bit further with what OreImo could but never will be, this is what you get. It’s no wonder that Grand Cross jumped at the chance to make a doujin based on the series – it practically begged for it. A tense sibling relationship, where there’s an awkward yet ever present attraction between them? It practically writes itself.

There’s no real plot to speak of in this game. For those who haven’t heard of OreImo, its full name is Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai, based on a series of light novels turned into a fairly popular anime and manga series. It revolves around the feisty Kirino, a seemingly perfect fourteen year old girl who is a connoisseur of eroge specializing in imoutos, and her ever suffering seventeen year old brother Kyosuke who accidentally discovers the hobby unbecoming of someone like her. Wacky hijinks ensue, more characters get introduced, and there’s a bit of drama here and there.

The game has Kyosuke taking Kirino to various places. These choices are made in Kirino’s room, and they chat a bit before going outside and heading to their destination (which is anywhere from a love hotel to the park). H-scenes ensue. And finally, there’s more chatting in Kirino’s room before choosing somewhere else to go, and this pattern repeats itself until the ending. And, that’s literally it. There’s no emotional depth here, or moments where Kirino’s hobby is questioned. There aren’t even any particular strong bonding moments between Kirino and Kyosuke. And that was admittedly a disappointment. Everything which made me like the series was absent here.

Fans of Ruri, Saori, Ayase, and every other girl who isn’t Kirino will be disappointed to learn that they make no appearances in the game, at all. Ruri and Saori are briefly mentioned in passing, and there’s a scene where Kirino dresses up in Ruri’s usual outfit and begins to feel insecure, wondering if Kyosuke likes her more. Kyosuke easily manages to dispel her fears, offering a plausible ‘what if’ scenario where Kirino questions his loyalty.

For those who only decided to play this for the purpose of fapping (I mean, really – why else would you read this besides curiousity?), you’ll be more than satisfied. The game boasts several h-scenes despite its short length, all with some sort of variety to them. Some scenes are even based on oh so exploitable scenes, such as the infamous moment in episode one where Kirino is searching for her eroge under Kyosuke’s bed, and the pair playing eroge together. Then there are the more out of place ones, like Kirino feeling ridiculously embarrassed about peeing in front of Kyosuke, yet she ends up doing so regardless.


The BGMs weren’t anything special, and didn’t really catch my attention. All were nondescript and standard eroge BGM fare. But, the music’s saving grace is its own lovely theme song, called ‘Signal’ which can be downloaded at the game’s website. I actually find it nicer than the anime’s opening ‘irony’, a song which never really floored me compared to some of the endings (‘No, Tom Has Learned Sexual Arousal for His Little Sister’ has to be up there as one of the most priceless names for an anime ending).

With there being only two characters in the game, Kyouke was unvoiced, but Kirino was fully voiced. Her seiyuu wasn’t half bad and even sounded mostly like her. Amusingly enough, there’s a scene where Kirino goes out to buy a doujin K-ON! game featuring Azusa (Grand Cross has produced a doujin based on her called Azusa Plus), and ropes Kyosuke into playing it with her. You can hear dialogue from the game they’re playing, and Kyosuke mentions that the seiyuu sounds like her. The amusing part is that not only do Kirino and Azusa share seiyuu in both of their respective series, but it sounds like their Grand Cross counterparts also share the same seiyuu. It must be a fun comparison for anyone who is interested in both series.


For a doujin game, the graphics were impressive. The artist did a fantastic job in managing to draw Kirino almost exactly like her original character design.  There were some nice touches too, like keeping her characteristic blush soft sort of colouring. Poor Kyosuke get shafted altogether – not only is he unvoiced, but he also has no face. The poor guy. I would almost say that it was done so the reader could insert him/herself, but Kirino still calls ‘Kyosuke’ onii-chan at times. I suppose that whoever plays this in the first place would want Kirino to call them that. What’s notable about OreImo Plus, is that during some h-scenes, it gets to a point where there’s a bit of animation, surprisingly. It’s not just out of place, odd looking up and down jerky movements, but during those scenes hair bounces, and mouths move.


Assuming that you’re a fan of the franchise, I have to ultimately say that it’s not worth it unless you’re just looking for something to get off to that’s a bit more substantial than a doujin. It’s another look at the series, and what Kyosuke and Kirino’s relationship could be, even if it does have a vaguely nukige like execution. Although the official game won’t have any h-scenes or anything like that, at least it will have some sort of plot. And really, you’re better off just waiting for that.

Misc. Information

Company: Grand†Cross
Release Date: December 31st, 2010
Genre: comedy, romance
Links: officialVNDBerogamescape
Recommended if fond of; the OreImo franchise – I can’t imagine any other reason why you’d want to play this


13 thoughts on “OreImo Plus

  1. Lineruuner says:

    Any idea how to make this, or any other doujin game work on Windows 8? Been having some trouble with that lately. Even compatibility mode doesn’t work. The window just opens for a split second then closes immediately.

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