DRAMAtical Butthurt


The fourth proper Nitro Chiral installment was announced a while back, but information about it has only been trickling in recently. When I think of Nitro Chiral works, I think of gritty, dark backgrounds, and men which don’t look weak willed or like they came straight out of a flower petal filled otome game. So seeing that this game has a new artist really puzzled me. The new offender artist they’ve enlisted is ほにゃらら, whose Pixiv account can be found right here, with her personal site here. Now, you can see from her works that there’s nothing especially wrong with her art. Quite the opposite, actually. But it’s a bit too clean for Nitro Chiral, and her characters are almost cartoonish in comparison.


Once again, let me stress that there is nothing I find especially terrible about her artwork. Some of it is total eye candy. Just look at that image in the city. It’s positively gorgeous! But I fear her style won’t be at home with a Nitro Chiral game. Compare this;

even I wouldn't wear that

to these;

and you’ll see why I’m complaining. Now, let me stress that I’m not some fourteen year old who hangs out on Mangafox ‘squeeing’ about ‘bishies’, all the while polishing their yaoi paddles. Franky, that kind of talk makes me cringe. Nor am I complaining that the look of the new characters aren’t appealing. What I’m griping with here is that when one is so used to a particular artist, it’s difficult to accept that change. I haven’t really looked in depth to what the story of DRAMAtical Murder could be, so what do I know, perhaps the character designs suit the possibly lighthearted story?


3 thoughts on “DRAMAtical Butthurt

  1. nanashi says:

    I like the artist so I was happy to see her doing the artwork but I didn’t like the coloring that we’ve seen so far. It really does contrast with nitro chiral’s other works but I do hope the story will be just as interesting.

    • goldensneer says:

      I agree.

      To be quite honest, I’m not sure if I like this new direction. Like you said they are trying new things, but as shown with DM and Totono it’s questionable whether that change is for the better. Nitro+ seem to be going back to what they do best with Necromancer by the look of things anyway, so fingers crossed that Chiral will do the same.

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