Denpa Relay

It’s been over a month since I’ve witnessed this creation, and I still cannot get my head around it. Was it professionally made, with the producers honestly thinking that they could make a profit off of this? Did Tsui no Sora even sell that well upon its initial release in the first place? I read that it had its own cult following, but that was it. If it wasn’t a big seller, then why was an OVA made? It’s so bad looking that I wonder if N43 Project even cared about what they were making. We may all joke about the sort of QUALITY in anime series (like Higurashi, Akikan, and Minami-ke Okawari come to mind – and of course, let’s not forget that infamous van sequence), but Tsui no Sora takes it to dizzying heights.

You could easily show someone who’s new to anime something like Higurashi, and they may think nothing of its animation. But if you showed Tsui no Sora to them, even they will think, ‘this is terrible looking!’. And you have to remember, that the OVA itself is a hentai. Imagining h-scenes with that kind of art is laughable.

For those who can’t be bothered to watch the whole thirteen minutes of what’s up on Youtube, you can just look at the following caps in horror after the cut.

Caps were found on Seraphita.

I think that, horrifyingly enough, this OVA was official, considering that it had a DVD release, and there’s a publishing company called N43 Project which seems to specialize in DVD ports of eroge.

What’s even more amusing about all of this is that the cover of the DVD features the VN’s art, leaving viewers in for a nasty little surprise if they expected decent quality art.


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