Handsome Devil

When I first got into the BL scene, I assumed that like eroge, the selection was endless. But if you just look at the BL games on any release site, you’ll see that only a handful get released every year. Learning that surprised me. What surprised me more was seeing that at least twice as many otome games are released every year. I thought, ‘wow, otome is more popular, really?’. Even going by the western blogosphere, I’ve seen several blogs devoted to otome games alone, yet none for BL. There just isn’t enough of a selection to do so.

While poking around for any such BL titles which would be released next year, I came across one which caught hold of my interest, and put a gleam in my eye. That title was 神学校-Noli me tangere-. Even without reading a synopsis or checking out promo PVs or preview CGs, the title puts a concrete image in your head of what it could be like. Being set in a seminary, it’s an ideal BL setting. Just think of the immorality of it all! The second part of the title is a Latin phrase, which means “touch me not”. “Ah,”, I thought, “now I’m getting an idea of the content here”. After checking out more, my thoughts were confirmed.

From the get go, NMT (which is how I’ll refer to this in future) is already reminding me of Enzai. What with the protagonist being thrust into a hellish situation which he can’t control, horror elements, a seemingly safe environment having a darker underside, and corruption. Of course, NMT has upped the stakes in the danger category by having that religious background, and the possibility of twincest. Even looking at the PV easily tells you want kind of dark atmosphere that this will have. Taboo indeed.

Our protagonist is Michael Levi, who has grown up in post-war Britain. His family is a devout religious one, and he basically grew up in a warm, loving family environment. However, during one ill fated Christmas, he comes home to a blazing wreckage which took his family’s life leaving him and his twin, Gabriel, as the survivors. The event shocked Michael, and the one ideal shining student who worshiped God has now turned his back on, and curses him. As a result, he has joined some sort of devil worshiping cult and is out for revenge.

Befitting of the time line, the characters have a retro sort of design, each looking like a character out a seventies shoujo manga. Michael and Gabriel are already reminding me of the infamous shounen-ai manga Kaze to Ki no Uta‘s Gilbert, if only in the looks category. Even one of Shingakkou‘s main characters is named August. In fact, considering the setting, it wouldn’t surprise me if the game borrowed elements from Kaze to Ki, considering it was one of the first BL manga released and is also set in a religious school.

The official site is right here, and it’s scheduled to be out sometime next year.


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