Shie no Sona-Nyl Preview IV

I’m not entirely sure what I think of the opening just yet. After watching it three times, I still can’t bring myself to like it. In fact, I’d probably rank it as my least favourite opening out of the What a Beautiful series.

It looks like both Elysia and Lily will be sharing the roles the protagonists – perhaps the world will be seen differently through their eyes, and they’ll come to different conclusions. From what we know about Elysia, she seems to be searching for a lover which she has parted with. Lily seems to be looking for who she truly is, having woken up with no memories. Where will each of their journeys take them to, and what sort of the characters will they meet on the way? Meeting the same characters could be something of note – how one character acts around let’s say, Lily, could act completely different around Elysia, giving different information out. And the pair could see the world in totally different ways. Elysia seems to be a glum sort of characters, and may have a negative and overall pessimistic view on society. Lily is a young girl, so who knows what the hell she might think? If she’s after waking up with no memories, she might be viewing the world she’s living in/has lived in as something completely new to her, essentially being as new to this world as the player is.

I’m curious about A’s role, too. Why has she come into contact with Lily? What is their relationship? What does he hope to achieve by taking her, a girl with no memories, on his travels? His uniform reminds me of a conductor, or an officer. He also looks like a rather stoic, sombre kind of guy. Going by that, maybe he works in some sort of trade, and has connections with people?

More than anyone who is piquing my curiousity at the moment, I definitely want to know more about this Rose Witch. She seems to be shrouded in mystery, and is the very last character to be seen in the opening, amidst a flurry of rose petals. Her seiyuu is also unknown at this point. And of course, her signature quote is… nothing at all. Just quoted ellipses. It makes me wonder if she’ll even have a seiyuu. Perhaps she’s mute?

I wonder who the antagonists will be here. At first I thought it was Mao (with that shiteating grin, I couldn’t help it), but now I’m thinking that it might be Lord Alva Edison. He looks eerily calm, with a stare that almost daringly challenges whoever is looking at his character portrait to figure out who he truly is. One would almost certainly think that he’s related to A in some way – the dark skin, white hair, and red eyes – they have more than a passing resemblance to each other, although Alva’s skin is darker, and A’s eyes have swirls in them. But physical traits aside, they each give off a different sort of aura. A’s is of someone who may be silent, but takes his duty very seriously. Alva’s is of someone who plays around, and never takes things seriously. Ideal antagonist material, right there.


6 thoughts on “Shie no Sona-Nyl Preview IV

  1. Rokudenashi says:

    Nice to meet you!
    I see a fellow WAB-fan in here, let’s hope it turns out to be a good game. What do you think about the sepia photo in the opening? They look a lot like some of the main characters…
    well, I guess it was to be expected, the theme being “memories”, and all that.

    • goldensneer says:

      Nice to meet you, too! :3

      Oh yes, I’m hoping for great things. I find the setting novel, and the prospect of having people mutated into things like valves and tables just shows how crazily twisted the mutations have become. I first thought that two of the characters in the photo were Elysia and her boyfriend, and then the updated character list just went and proved that. D’oh. I’m very curious about who Vivien and Cervin are, though~.

      What do you think?

      • Rokudenashi says:

        Well, it looks like the trial cleared up a lot of things about that.
        Nice to know you and other people liked it a lot as well! It’s shaping up to be really something worth playing.

  2. Belucre says:

    I’m so excited to find someone else who’s also been following Sona-Nyl, though my posts are more screaming capslock-fuelled fangirlings than coherent articles. I really like how Alva has his own harem of robot girls (including the loli Valve Girl), while A is very solemn and isn’t embarrassed at all about bathing or bandaging up Lily. If they are brothers or relatives of some sort, it’s intriguing how their personalities are so different.

    • goldensneer says:

      Heh, I’d much rather read articles like that, I think! Shows how eager and excited the person is, you know? Believe me, I found it hard to contain my ‘FFFFFFFFFFFF-‘s whenever Sona-Nyl’s page got a new update!

      Completely agree. Alva is probably some bigshot in the underground world who pulls some strings, all the while he sits atop his fabulous chair, swirling some fine liquor in a glass, surrounded by his harem. A on the other hand seems to be living a humble enough life… If you can call humble protecting a teenage girl and accompanying her around the country. I’m curious as to not only why their personalities are so different, but how different what they’re doing is. Why are they going down such different paths?

      A seems to share the same seiyuu as Elysia’s Alan, so I wonder if there’s something going on there, besides LS piling the roles on their favourite male seiyuu, dohoho.

      • Belucre says:

        Fufu, if you really do feel like reading my rambling, I don’t have a personal blog, but I do have a livejournal.


        I can’t help but notice that family seems to have a big part in Sona-nyl. It’s not just Alva and A who have some kind of physical resemblance, Milia and Ginger look suspiciously similiar (to me anyway), and Katherine and Juliana are the only confirmed blood-related characters so far.

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