Shie no Sona-Nyl Preview III


In the time since my last post on this, we’ve been given a synopsis, release date, character info, and even some sample CGs which were posted today! Are you feeling the hype, yet? I most certainly am, and am almost giddy with the prospect of what it’ll be like.

An intriguing world is set up for us right away, dealing with a world that has relied a bit too heavily on engine fuel, ultimately ruining their world, and the sky. As a result, New York (and most likely the rest of America and the world) has basically become uninhabitable, with all of its residents seeking refuge underground away from the toxic sky. And to make matters worse, it looks like that the underground has understandably, also ran into trouble. With an insular society, there will always be problems. But if this underground world is spread throughout the whole country, then it’s not just a problem… It’s an utter catastrophe. I’m expecting scenes of panic from the pale faced inhabitants desperately wanting to see the sky, and sun again. As with the the name of the VN, the artificial sky that’s covering the city is a musky sort of violet.

That Mary lookalike is actually called Elysia Wentworth, and seems to be a protagonist alongside our dynamic couple (who, in typical L-S fashion look wonderful together – and I bet in typical L-S fashion, they won’t have sex). I’m not quite sure what her story is yet, but it seems that she has taken a trip to the destroyed New York for some reason, and happens to meet one of our other protagonists, Lily. Lily apparently meets Elysia after randomly waking up, dressed as a boy, and lacking any memories. Together they somehow meet the male protagonist, ‘The A’, who takes Lily on a journey under the lure of turning the sky back to its original colour – and in turn, I assume, saving New York. A seems like a very mysterious, somewhat stoic man, so I wonder how exactly can he turn the sky back to its original colour, and what exactly does he want with Lily. It’s an obvious assumption that Lily will be able to piece her lost memories together by the end.

Similarly to Sharnoth, a lot of the supporting cast seem to be based on real people. The ordinary looking B. Ruth is almost certainly the baseball hero Babe Ruth, made even more obvious by the bat hanging from his side. Lucky Luciano also seems to be based on a gangster who lived during those times.

Everything you wish to know about the series can be found here, and there’s also on official blog up with the most gorgeous layout. It’ll be out on the 28th of November, and all the usual suspects are involved. Rita for the opening, Blueburry&Yogurt for the music, and AKIRA for the art.


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