C78 Umineko Music

At long last, the C78 Umineko music has started trickling in. Not that I was expecting anything any time soon, mind you. For C76 the wait then was hi-lar-i-ous. Cries of ‘WHERE IS MY GOLDEN SYNDROME?!?!?!’ aplenty, much to the chagrin of anyone who didn’t give a toss about seacats. And really, with the prospect of a total reworking of the childlike, Tim Burtonish ‘Happy Maria!’ with that cover, who could resist? I guess no wonder people were getting impatient.

And there were the blue and red music boxes. The red music box wasn’t anything special to those who had the majority of the zts tracks (there were a total of four new tracks, I believe), but the blue music box was the real snare. Some songs were (thankfully) put in End and Dawn, earning their place they deserved amongst some of the greater dai tracks (‘my dear’ and ‘future’, anyone?). There are some tracks which still haven’t been put in the series though, like the FFFFFFFFFFF worthy ‘black knight’ which I will forever associate with Dlanor. And there were other notable albums like Observer, When they sing 2, and the orgasmic -45 album. But, could C78’s new seacat music really surpass all that?

Sure it’s been a total of almost ten days, but it wasn’t that long of a wait, right? I mean, for those who weren’t just keeping up with Requiem of the Golden Witch there were plenty of other things to look forward to. An endless supply of new Touhou albums should have kept the tears at bay (I particularly adored East New Sound’s new offer), and there were always doujins to skim through. And then there were all the games which were released. Like the newest Super Marisa Land, for example.

I’m currently listening to When they sing 3, and it’s probably the best When they sing yet. I’ve always found the When they sing series a bit too polarizing, filled with tracks that you either adore, or just cannot stand to listen to. ‘Lyrical Aurora’ sets the album off on a dizzying high. Waltz No. 16 e-moll Op. 34′ is a playful reworking of ‘ワルシ Op. 34′, bringing a whole new dimension to the troll waltz. ‘lixaxil’ is your typical UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ track until it starts getting serious with winding guitars, going back into UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ territory, walking on a tightrope between the two until the UNTZ-ing starts crashing at the end. It vaguely reminds me of ‘ruriair’ (one of Dawn’s standout tracks), which is also on this album. It’s difficult to make out what ‘幻想即狂曲’, primarily a piano track, is supposed to make us feel. Some parts sound melancholy and dark, others cheerful and tinkly. It wouldn’t be out of place in a bittersweet scene in some VN. ‘NO-WAY’ reminds me more of Higurashi than Umineko, and those dreadful tinny, almost midi like BGMs. ‘peace of piece’ reminds me of a tense, super serious scene. ‘Last Note’ is also lovely, reminiscent of a fairy tale.

I’ll get around to listening to the other albums soonish, but right now When they sing is commanding most of my attention. I also listened to some of the new music box last night, and I wasn’t that impressed, considering. I thought it was kind of silly for dai to release a music box with only a few new tracks after two episodes, whereas the blue music box was released after four. I think on this music box there’s only a total of six new tracks. Yeah, six. Regardless, I’m loving the orchestrated version of ‘Tomorrow’, but I wish it had a  slower tempo.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the onslaught of seacats sounds~.



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