Shiei no Sona-Nyl Preview I

Earlier on this week, Liar-Soft announced their 28th overall title, and the latest addition to their ~What a beautiful~ series. Although the title is still shrouded in mystery, I’m already excited. After taking another quick glance at their site, it seems like a preview of sorts has been posted, a teaser of what’s to come.

When going straight to the primary page for the new title, we come across a very mysterious image… There are a pair of people sitting on what seems to be toadstools, surrounded by more, with urbanized buildings in the background. Very curious, considering that this will be another steampunk title, but I can definitley see Alice in Wonderland references already. It’s mainly the girl’s dress which makes me think that, along with the white cat by her side. And of course, the enlarged toadstools make me think that too. Next to her, we have a fellow who might be wearing glasses, and wearing a certain type of uniform. Something to take note of here is the moon, which is very reminiscent of the moon that the series Soul Eater has, constantly cackling with blood dripping out of its mouth. So straight off, we already have an image which makes us wonder what the plot could exactly be about.

The new preview also features an image of a girl falling amidst a sea of books – a girl who I presume to be the one in the main image. If it’s the same girl, her hair is much shorter than I first anticipated it to be. I also didn’t expect her to be wearing boots like that. The text accompanying the image tells us of a girl falling, falling, falling quickly, and wakes up in a mysterious place. The 19th century is also mentioned along with ‘steam engine’.

The game will be out in November, and it features the return of the glorious artist AKIRA, who worked on Sharnoth. I seriously cannot wait, and a trial or more information cannot come soon enough.


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