Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel 2

What if choosing the right girl was more important than saving the world?

This continues the dream sequence shown in episode 26 in which Shinji imagines a happier world where everyone is leading normal lives.

It’s been about a month and a half since I played this, but this atrocity of a visual novel has lingered in my mind, like some foul stench. It is pretty much one of the worst things I have ever read. Nothing but extreme fan pandering, and a cheap cash-on of the Evangelion franchise. Even the most diehard Eva fan will be hard pressed in finding something they like about this.

The main pull of GoS2, is that it’s essentially an Evangelion dating sim, albeit a very short, and shoddily put together one. You take Shinji’s role, and the chance of wooing Asuka (who is your childhood friend, and your classmates treat you both like an old married couple), Rei (who is ridiculously energetic, and selfish), and Kaworu (who is treated as the stereotypical gay boy by Touji and the rest, also plays music) is up to you. Not a lot of choices, really. When originally making this,, you’d think that they’d have more options. Even characters like Misato, Hikari, and even Touji could have had spiced it up a little. Misato, especially. She has her own division of fans too, and I imagine that plenty of people were disappointed when they found out they couldn’t go after her. It’s pure and utter laziness really to just go with the main trio usually paired with Shinji.

The routes in GoS2 are ridiculously short, and the entire game can be finished in just a few hours. After Kaworu’s route is finished, you’re forced to pick either Rei, or Asuka. I found that highly annoying- I mean, after going through all the trouble (phhht, right) of going after Asuka or Rei, after Kaworu’s route you can simply choose one of them? You must pick one of the two, as Kaworu pretty much disappears after the climax of his route finishes. All his route amounts to is a kiss, and a rather odd CG of him and Shinji as angels. As I’m not all that fond of Asuka, I chose bizarro world Rei. Scene immediately cuts to her lounging rather suggestively on a chair while in her plugsuit, as Asuka fumes.

You’ll be surprised to learn that GoS2 also has a manga adaptation. It’s renamed as ‘Angelic Days’ for the Western audience, and follows the plot near exactly, but ultimately takes the Asuka route. I wasn’t at all surprised.

The one noteworthy thing about GoS2 was the visuals, which were plentiful. Instead of seeing sprites, we mostly saw CGs. This was most likely done to get a feel like the anime, and I suppose it did well in that aspect. Although the visuals have shaky, harsh lines, they’re still very like the art we saw in the series. It also had the original seiyuu and music from the series, which is always a plus. But those are literally, the only positive points. The complex, angst-ridden characters from the original series which we knew and loved were completely gone. Instead, they were replaced by one dimensional happy-go-lucky kids, devoid of any problems as such. The plot was also revoltingly cliché-ridden, including a test of courage taken straight out of any banal school story. There was also a stupidly annoying map system where you had to get from A to B. This became most annoying when you go shopping with your loved one for something trivial. You take the bullet train into the city, and have to locate the shop Kaworu/Rei/Asuka wants to go to. And good grief, I could not stop getting lost. Seriously, it was dreadful.

To make things worse, I’ve also downloaded Shinji Ikari Raising Project, but haven’t gotten around to playing it yet. That isn’t a dating sim at all though, and seems to be exactly what it says on the tin- a game where you raise Shinji. The graphics seem to be airy, and rather pretty. Lets hope that this has an actual story to it.

Overall ; 2/10. Not even the Shinji/Kaworu scenario could save this rubbish.

Release Date; January 20th, 2005
Genres; romance, ‘comedy’
Links; wikiVNDB


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