Stormy Sailin’

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, raiL-soft’s third title.

raiL-soft, for those who’re curious, are a subsidiary of Liar-soft. I haven’t played any rs vns myself, as they’re a relatively new company. Albatross Koukairoku, their third title, is set to be released at the end of July and it looks like it’ll be their first title I’ll get my hands on. I’ve been hearing mixed things about rs vns. At first I heard that they were more childish ls titles, with perhaps no h-scenes, and more universally accessible themes. Looks like I was completely wrong, on both accounts.

Apparently horribly obscure kanji were used in both of their titles, with Japanese readers reportedly having dictionaries beside them whilst reading through. Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? I mean, if a native Japanese person can’t fully read through it, what hope does someone who’s not have? Hearing that turned me off ls games altogether, without even having played them. But upon seeing the opening uploaded to ye olde youtube, I decided that I should at least try and read through it, right? I’ve made the decision that I’ll wait until the demo comes out, before I go off and get the darn thing. It’d be pretty upsetting if I downloaded it, only to find out that it really is far too difficult to read through. Albatross looks much more fun in comparison to their other two titles though, so maybe they’re taking feedback on board? It’s rather naive of me to expect that a more relaxed atmosphere means less difficult kanji, but… Fuck it. I’m looking forward to this regardless.

Albatross Koukairoku, which basically translates to Albatross Navigation, seems to revolve around a crew of people who live on a ship, made out of rubbish. Captain Kuro is a rather young, erratic looking girl who seems to get into a frenzy easily. Interestingly enough, Kuro is apparently a Japanese slang word for opium. So, maybe her looking like she should belong more in rehab that a ship mightn’t be too far off the mark. She’s accompanied by a rag tag team, including a pair of blonde twins, and a rather tired looking guy who can’t seem to hold his drink.

Company; raiL-soft
Release Date; July 23rd, 2010


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