In that sense, perhaps she was like Sleeping Beauty – not just the singular Sleeping Beauty, but every single incarnation of the character, from Charles Perrault’s Belle to the Briar Rose of the Brothers Grimm. Though Sleeping Beauty had touched thousands of spindles across thousands upon thousands of retellings, reworkings, and reimaginings, she never strayed from her preordained course, and could never learn from her past mistakes. Sleeping Beauty had no will of her own, after all.

Samantha could relate to that. She often felt she herself had so little control her own life she may as well have been a figment, a construct, a hazy and ephemeral imagining, pushed hither and thither by invisible hands.


Samantha is depressed. She’s been depressed for a long time, almost as long as she can remember, but it’s slowly been getting worse. She thought Lillian was her friend, her best friend. Perhaps she even thought of her as more than that. Why, then, did their relationship have to fall apart? Was it really her fault? She didn’t do anything wrong. At least, she didn’t intend to. Now, three months later, Samantha finally has her chance. Forced together on their geography field trip to the Lake District, will she finally be able to repair her relationship with Lillian – or will it collapse all over again?

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Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

It is summer, and the emotions of three characters have reached a fever pitch. Shy Haruka has a crush on the eternally oblivious Takayuki and is more than content with watching him from afar. But nothing can possibly happen between them if she keeps that up, so it’s up to mutual friend Mitsuki to fix that. After a rocky start the pair eventually overcome their issues, and so spend the rest of the summer enjoying each other’s company. Everyone’s happy, right?

Yet for some reason, the usually animated Mitsuki becomes withdrawn to the point where she isolates herself from the happy couple. Perplexed by her uncharacteristic actions and the appearance of an unknown boyfriend, Takayuki can’t help but become increasingly preoccupied with what has happened to her, at the expense of his girlfriend. As tensions inevitably rise something has to give and it isn’t long before an unforeseen tragedy rips the lives of the three friends asunder; permanently staining those summer tones before they can resolve their feelings. As the sound of sirens fills the air, they can at least be sure of one thing: their lives will never be the same again…

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Liar-soft Merchandise Survey

Crawling out from the depths of oblivion to spread the word about Liar-soft’s current merchandise survey. If you’ve ever wanted to see cute [insert merch of your choice here] of any characters from Sakurai’s much beloved Steampunk series, now’s your chance! I’ve no idea how long the survey in question is running for but they’re already in the midst of developing items. So if you want to see something, time as they say is of the essence.

Their C87 goods include this delightful Sharnoth smartphone set priced at ¥2,000. It features a pair of keychains of the best OTP which when gattai’d double up as a stand, and a drawstring holder.

Jisatsu no Tame no 101 no Houhou

When will this nightmare come to an end?

Jisatsu no Tame no 101 Houhou

30th of July, 2001.

During a sweltering summer’s eve, something begins to stir within Torabishi Takuji. Covered by a sweat-soaked blanket, the damp darkness pervading his room is just about enough to keep from sleeping. The ceiling stretches above him during this somewhat bizarre night. As he takes in these minute details of his surroundings, it comes to him; the ‘grey’. A bizarre noise which Takuji only started hearing recently, it distorts his world through an incomprehensible ‘zaza… zazazazaza… zazazaaaaa’..

This ‘grey’ is an alarm signaling the world’s crumbling, where all that he was once sure of becomes incomprehensible, what was real unreal. Takuji decides that he will dye his own world in this ‘grey’, in turn transcending the everyday monotony. Morning will soon come, and these idle thoughts of searching for a way to define the world – his world – shall cease.

As dawn breaks, the curtain of the worst day in Takuji’s life and the ill-fated characters that become entangled with him opens…

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Sayonara, Utsutsu.


“You, however, sit at your window and dream of the message when evening comes.”

Sayonara, Utsutsu.

A story like any other, Sayonara, Utsutsu opens with childhood friends Kazuki and Saki in a will they or won’t they situation, obviously crazy about each other. However, a sense of artificiality lurks behind the homemade lunches and nervous-yet-hopeful walks home. It rises within Takuji in the depths of night, leaving profound terror in its wake. A date with Saki the following day has him shivering and gnawing at his fingertips, constantly reassuring himself that everything will be fine. Such a contrast to the clichéd setting of earlier, all the while Saki is in her own room cheerily studying.

The pair play their roles to the best of their ability despite the evident discord, until a mysterious girl named Kagami transfers into their class. Offering bizarre words about God and alienating all her classmates in the same breath, she wastes no time in calling our hero to the rooftop during lunch. According to her, he’s the savior of a world called ‘Mundus’. On gazing into her dark eyes he can find no trace of madness; of course, it occurs to him that maybe he just can’t see it. In order to reach Mundus, she takes out an instrument he never would have expected to see in his everyday life… A syringe.

In becoming the saviour and ally of justice Mundus so direly needs, something must be given up in exchange. Little does Kazuki know, that the price may be his humanity…
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